Stress-free in the IB!

Finally, a solution to your bulk of deadlines and mountains of homework headache!​

Our Outstanding Learning Lab offers peace of mind for the parent and an enjoyable and productive learning atmosphere for the IB student. ​

We run Learning Lab courses and individual sessions for MYP and IBDP students with well-qualified staff and superb ratios.

Summer 2021 Events

Besides all year round IB  support, we offer every month specific workshops/courses dedicated to IB students. Here are this month news and offers


Petar, Croatia

"My personal experience with the Learning Smart as well as with Ioana is exceptional. The amount of dedication that she puts into helping students plan out and go through with their planned schedule is remarkable. Personally, I think that, that sort of thing is necessary to help students who are lost in their studies and are unable to help themselves in a manner thar would otherwise allow them to successfully finish their studies." 

Anastasia, Russia

 "I am very grateful to Ioana for helping me for so many years at each step of my studies. She motivates me every time when I would have troubles with writing my papers, preparing for exams and also with my bachelor thesis. She taught me learning techniques and helped me develop my time management skills. She is very precise and able to keep me on track.  She would always find time for helping me. Her work is distinguished by individual approach to each student." Anastasia, Russia

Paula, Romania

"I am a very good student, but even I have problems sometimes understanding and learning a specific subject, and especially than I get a big panic.
So i asked Ioana several times for help. She offered me not only learning support, but as well moral. She encouraged and motivated me. She helped me break down the content into simple one which I can understand better and than she explained me with simple words what is it about as many times aa needed, till I understood. 
It was always a good and welcoming atmosphere when studying with her, and i am very  thankful for her help."