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From fitting students into a structure to a structure that fits the student

The most exclusive IB highschool education setting in Vienna


The director welcome

Dear Parents and Students,



This is called the director's welcome. I am the director, but I am also a mother, and this is my statement from the ‘mother’ position. 

Argo International Program was born as a result of me asking myself: ‘What would I like for my teenage daughter?’ The answer I found can be outlined in a few words: safety, people who care and people who are not only competent, but are experts. 

Selecting a school for my daughter is not only about her academic success, but equally about ensuring her healthy development in an environment dedicated to her wellbeing: physically, mentally and educationally. 

It is about finding a place where she can grow surrounded by people who are looking at her for the unique individual that she is. A school where people are able and have the time to look at what my daughter needs and what fits her best.  A school where her mental wellbeing is central, so the academic success follows naturally.

Achieving these standards is definitely not an easy task. I could not ask others to perform at certain standards unless I implement them myself first. So, I set myself to reaching them and a huge amount of work was required. I achieved my psychotherapy training degree and then I specialized in lateral thinking and metacognition. Finally, I became a learning expert, developing a framework tailored for teenage learning; where emotional, physical and mental dimensions work together optimally. 

The last step of this long journey was to find people that think like me, people who care and were willing to learn further. My team and my partners are the result of a selection where no compromises were accepted and where each individual has both the academic and psychological fortitude to help our children reach their fullest potential. 

The result is an academic environment where I am proud my daughter will attend!

Mag. Pth Ioana Anghel-Pirich

Argo International Program

TEMPERA Institute and the prestigious King`s InterHigh - IB World School- offers a joint educational program for pupils between 14 and 19 years old. It is the most exclusive IB high-school education setting in Vienna. 

Students benefit from high-level IB education, in small groups (5 students per class) and the unique TEMPERA Framework, designed to ensure academic success. 

  • Assessment of individual learning needs based on latest research in neuroscience and psychology

  • Full one-on-one learning support available throughout the entire academic year

  • Extensive extracurricular activities, including music, arts and sports in person

  • University counselling and application assistance

  • Option to choose what fits best to the student between IBDP, A-Levels and GCSE.

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We offer a wide range of sports programs, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and more.

In addition to promoting physical fitness and healthy competition, we also strive to foster a love of physical activity and teamwork.

Emotional Literacy

The pressures and concerns of teenagers are at the forefront of their emotional and mental health. Building Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self Awareness are a priority for us


Our community is where the students find the balance between emotional wellbeing and academic success.

It is a cosy and welcoming learning space where we introduce students to efficient learning techniques and life skills.

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Summer/Winter Camps

To us come the high achievers and the keenest minds as we are strongly focused on highly personalised solutions. We combine  cutting-edge psychological research with top-notch IB expertise from our highly renowned IB educators.


Book a meeting

Send us an email at and one of our admission officers will contact you. Meetings are possible both online or at our headquarters in Vienna. We are looking forward to receiving your email and to meet you, so that together we find the perfect solution for your child. 

If all places have been occupied, ( just 5 available for each study year) you will be placed on the waiting list.

Paula, Romania

"I am a very good student, but even I have problems sometimes understanding and learning a specific subject, and especially then I get a big panic.
TEMPERA offered me not only learning support, but as well moral, encouraging and motivating environment.
It was always a good and welcoming atmosphere when studying and i am very  thankful for the help." 

Petar, Croatia

"My personal experience with the TEMPERA as well as with Ioana is exceptional. The amount of dedication that she puts into helping students plan out and go through with their planned schedule is remarkable. Personally, I think that, that sort of thing is necessary to help students who are lost in their studies and are unable to help themselves in a manner thar would otherwise allow them to successfully finish their studies." 

Anastasia, Russia

"I am very grateful to Ioana for helping me for so many years at each step of my studies. She motivates me every time when I would have troubles with writing my papers, preparing for exams She taught me learning techniques and helped me develop my time management skills. She is very precise and able to keep me on track.  She would always find time for helping me. Her work is distinguished by individual approach to each student." 
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