STAR Programme

the most exclusive IB highschool education setting, in Vienna

About Our School

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Why STAR Programme

Our system is backed by neuroscience and cognitive psychology and it has been confirmed by our students, who marked well above their expectations in the final IB exams! 

Our Approach

STAR Programme the context where students find the balance between mental (emotional) wellbeing and academic success.

Students benefit from high-level IB education, in small groups (3 to maximum 5 students per class) and the unique TEMPERA Framework, designed to ensure academic success.

Full one-on-one learning support will be available throughout the entire academic year.

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Enhance Learning

A complete learning system, based on the newest research in neuroscience and psychology.

It is crucial for IB students to study efficiently and have a good time management in order to keep up with all the deadlines and IB program requirements.


The success in IB is not based on the results at the final exams only, but also on the completion of several written assignments: Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, reflection for CAS.

We make sure that every student is equipped with all the tools to go through each of them successfully. 

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Soon enrollment is possible in this unique Program, that embeds IB expertise, efficient learning and student empowerment. 


We are looking forward to receiving your registration and find the perfect solution for your IB needs.