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From fitting students into a structure to a structure that fits the student

The most exclusive IB highschool education setting in Vienna


Argo International Program is the result of conjoined resources of two educational institutions, known for pioneering student focused educational strategies. 

For the last five years, TEMPERA Institute has been focusing on researching and applying Cognitive Psychology, Self-Regulated Learning and Metacognition with teenagers and young people. Emotional well-being of the students was the focus, while achieving academic success. 

King’s InterHigh is part of Inspired, the world’s leading and most innovative education group, delivering proven excellence in education across over 80 premium schools in 5 continents. Inspired schools have been delivering the International Baccalaureate® for 44 years, with over 25 IB schools in action today. 

The Team

The local team in Vienna consists of highly qualified professionals in the fields of psychology and pedagogy. All of them have different skills, all use the TEMPERA Framework as a core in their sessions, providing all necessary factors for successful learning.


Mag. Pth. Ioana Anghel-Pirich

Cofounder and Director

Ioana is passionate about working with teenagers and her main interest lies in unleashing students’ creativity, independent thinking, and self-confidence. She knows how important a good relationship is when working with students and she helps students trust and believe in themselves whilst learning how to work ‘in-depth’ and take full ownership of their work.


Mag. Iuliana Grigoriță

Cofounder and CFO

Iuliana is an expert in cognitive psychology and learning methods. With degrees in Economics and Psychology, including Clinical Psychology, she went into studying in depth the cognition and the process of learning. Her experience as a trainer and learning coach is extensive, with more than 1500 young people trained.

She researched into the field of gifteness and coached families with gifted children, both on specific parenting needs and learning techniques. 

Iuliana CV

What Our Clients Say

Bianca, IB 44 Points

Before I met Ioana I was a student burdened by serial procrastination, I had no understanding of my personal learning style and no concrete place to study wherein I felt truly comfortable. Despite being a decent student, I feared I would be brought down by the looming deadlines and final IB exams.  Working together with Ioana has prevented me from procrastinating on my studies. With her help I was able to figure out the areas which I needed to focus on, and work on those. I am certain that without Ioana I would be a much worse student
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