Each session is led by one of our experienced IB teachers who are available throughout, to guide the students in all of their assignments.

Furthermore, due to the Learning Smart Concept being applied in all sessions, each student will be trained in skills including 

time -management, structuring learning material, essay writing, coping with exam anxiety, and much more.

The sessions are designed for maximum efficiency, alternating between intense writing/learning periods and appropriate breaks. 

The tutor will be available at all times to answer your questions, unblock you if you get stuck in the writing process, or figure out difficult concepts and tasks collaboratively. 

IBDP students
-  personalized planning for the entire IB (pre-IB students) or for the remaining one year (mid- IB students) 
- support with Extended Essay and Internal Assessments
- discounted access group and private tutoring for all IB subjects
- CAS support and solutions
- never miss a deadline
- periodic assesment and feedback on the academic progress
- access to huge database
MYP students

- personalized planning for the whole academic year
- support in all school work and assignments

- writing skills

- time-management

- dealing with procrastination techniques

- discounted access group and private tutoring for all MYP subjects
- access to huge database
- periodic assesment and feedback on the academic progress

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