IBDP Psychology Bootcamp

2nd to 5th January 2021

From 2nd of January 2021 until 5th of January 2021 Four days/ 24 teaching hours

From our students we learned that the main challenges of the Psychology course in the IB are:

·       deep understanding of the approaches

·       how to remember so many studies with all their details 

·       which study belongs to which topic. 

·       how to structure your answers for the SAQ and ERQ

·       how to manage your time during the exam in a way that allows you to answer all questions.


In the 4 days intense Psychology IB Bootcamp we will practice consolidated solutions to overcome all these issues and others that you might bring.  

Furthermore, all three core approaches will be discussed in a logical manner with real-life examples. 

Learning outcomes

After four days of Bootcamp, you will be so much more confident in your knowledge that you`ve never been.

Each day we will cover a specific approach as following and the last day we will practice exam questions SAQ`s and ERQ`s


Day 1: Biological Approach 

Day 2: Cognitive  Approach 

Day 3: Socio-cultural  Approach

Day 4:  Exam practice papers, exam techniques, structuring SAQ and ERQ, 


Cost (24 hours): 650 € 

Group maximum 4 students

(If the dates don’t fit with your schedule, please email us and we can organize individual sessions online or in person.)


IBWISE-Headquarters.           Weintraubengassse 19/Stiege 1/2. Stock/Top 23.        1020 Vienna.          U-Bahn stop: U2 “Netroyplatz” 


TOK Essay BootCamps

BootCamp 1: Dec 2020, 12th & 13th

  BootCamp 2: January 2021, 2nd & 3th

  BootCamp 3: January 2021, 9th & 10th


January, the final deadline for the TOK essay is approaching. To reduce your stress during the holidays, we invite you to attend any of our TOK Essay Retreats, to get you started or help you continue or finish your TOK essay.


In order to have a measurable outcome, this workshop is highly practical with an active participation of our students. We will clarify the AOK`s the WOK`s, be sure you know how to research properly, build claims and counterclaims, structure your essay and share many useful writing and time management tips. Each student will have alone time with the trainer to discuss his/her particular questions.


The aim is that by Sunday afternoon each student is ready to go home with a complete TOK essay or at least a well-structured essay, clear ideas and an exact plan how to continue and complete his/her essay. Take-home material will be provided. 



  • Saturday: 10am to 5pm (lunch break at 1pm-2pm)

  • Sunday: 10am to 5pm (lunch break at 1pm-2pm)

  • Lunch break includes pizza from IBWISE

  • Breaks include snacks, coffee and refreshments 

  • maximum 4 (minimum 2) participants


IBWISE-Headquarters.          Weintraubengassse 19/Stiege 1/2. Stock/Top 23.        1020 ViennaU-Bahn stop: U2 “Netroyplatz” 


Cost (10 hours): 450 € 

Extended Essay and Internal Assessments Bootcamp 

 2nd- 4th January 2021

Together we get things DONE!      

Our experts will support you during the entire time and ensure that you don`t get stuck in your writing process. The workshop will start with a conversation with the writing coach, in which the status of your essay and your needs will be assessed. The rest of the three days will alternate between individual writing time and feedback from the coach. At any moment, when you feel stuck or unsure how to continue, our experts will be available to answer questions, give advice or feedback.  

Learning outcomes

·       Understanding IB requirements for the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments

·       How to start and how to continue your essay

·       How to write a conclusion

·       How to express your ideas in a coherent and academic way

·       Academic writing skills

·       Structuring the Extended Essay,  Internal Assessments 

·       Doing research, source evaluation, search strategies (list of important free databases)

·       Academic honesty and citations

·       Plagiarism check

·       Writing techniques

·       Time-management for writing

·       FREE solid resources


  • All three days from 10.00 until 17.00.

  • Total teaching hours: 18 (one-hour lunch break)

  • Group maximum of 5 students​​

If the dates don`t fit with your schedule, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you in a group or individual session with one of our experts

750 Euro for 3 days

- 18 teaching hours

- all course material 

- pizza lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments


IBWISE-Headquarters.           Weintraubengassse 19/Stiege 1/2. Stock/Top 23.          1020 Vienna.     U-Bahn stop: U2  “Netroyplatz”