Extended Essay & Internal Assessment


Get your EE or IA done & dusted in two days!

No hussle, no procrastination, just guided work in a friendly environment, where you enjoy doing the work, even if you never liked writing.

EE & IA BootCamp is for you if:

  • You don’t know where to start from;

  • You are just starting out with the work;

  • You’ve already started, but you feel a little blocked, or you need a boost to move forward;

  • You’re close to finishing it, but still need a final touch or just want to look for some improvement.

What EE & IA BootCamp is:

  • The place where you learn about the no-hussle way to go from start to finish with your work;

  • Safe place where you can start and/or improve your work, with professional help;

  • Highly practical, active participation of the students is required;

  • Alone time with tutors for each student, to answer particular questions.

What you get from EE & IA BootCamp:

  • Learn how to do proper research

  • What is the right structure of the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments;

  • Useful tips for writing and time management;

  • Handouts to help you stay on track and to guide you in the future;

  • Transferable skills for structuring learning material

  • Techniques for time management.

The workshop will start with the general structure for IB, Time Management strategies

All students will receive synthetized and clear learning material on the specific topics.

Reserve your spot for the weekend that best fits your schedule:

  • Session 1: 4th  and 5th January 2021

  • Session 2: 3th  and 4th July 2021

  • Session 3: 7th and 8th  August 2021

  • Session 4: 26th and 27th of October 2021

  • Session 5: 27th and 28th of November 2021

  • Session 6: 11th and 12th of December 2021

  • *The EE & IA`s BootCamp  are progressive, meaning that the more you attend the more you . Therefore, you can attend only one of them or all 3, depending on your needs and goals. With that in mind, we decided you get a 10% discount for 2 and a 15% discount if you attend all 3.

  • *The students enrolled in the IB Learning Smart After-school generally don't need this BootCamp as the writing process is part of our program

Place : Wasagasse 13, 1090, Vienna,

Schedule: Saturday & Sunday: 10.00/11.00 until 17.00

    Lunch Break: 13.00-14.00

Max 6 - 8 participants

Cost: 350 Euro per person per retreat

Book your spot: ib@learningsmart.at

*Snacks, refreshments and lunch are included

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