EAFR (Eliminate Anxiety - Find Relief)

Anxiety relief education for IB students



Workshop description:

Fear, in a healthy portion can be beneficial for a short phase, since it promotes focus and concentration to tackle a pressing issue at hand.  However for many, in particular for the adolescents, such emotions can become habitual (conditioned) due continuous stress about the future. Many students hit their stress peak right before the exams or during.  Such stress has an immediate negative impact on their performance during the exams, and a long term negative impact which could become an issue on their general health (sleep disorder and somatic pain) as well as their personal and social life.

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of such emotions (cognitively), it is vital for the adolescence to be educated in this field, as well as becoming more self-aware, in order to understand their own subjective thought patterns and its origin. Due to rewiring of the brain, teenagers are in a sensitive stage of  cognitive development and more frequently need support in acquiring skills and tools to cope with anxiety before it becomes chronic. 

What we offer is a clear understanding of anxiety and its origin. Participants will then be trained in their skills followed by appropriate tools and techniques to sustain their emotional wellbeing in times of stress and mainly during the IB Exams . Cases and examples will be discussed to shed a better light on specifics of anxiety and alternative ways to unlearn the old thought patterns replacing then with new and practical ones that are positive and empowering. 


EAFR session’s description: 

1st Session  - 03.04.2021- 10.00 until 13.00


  • Introduction to the WS/Seminar (and the participants)

  • The human brain, biology and the autonomic nervous system (general psycho-education)

  • How conditioning work (creation of beliefs and conditioning)

  • Experience of events that lead to beliefs

  • The inner and the external world explained (subjective perspective, schemas and paradigms)

  • Examples, Exercises 

  • Q&A


2nd Session - 10.04.2021 - 10.00 until 13.00

Understanding Anxiety

  • Quick recap of session 1

  • Fear (understanding its origin, pros & cons)

  • Anxiety (difference to fear, phases of stress, how it is created and its symptoms in Physical, Psychological and Emotional context)

  • Anxiety and its 'partners in crime' (rarely comes alone)

  • Examples, Exercises 

  • Q&A


3rd Session - 17.04.2021 - 10.00 until 13.00

Looking within 

  • Quick recap of session 2

  • Internal communication (revealing thought patterns)

  • What is Emotional Memory (Muscle memory, cellular memory)

  • Self-awareness, self-image. How to improve, update and evolve.

  • Unveiling the inner tension - early recognition 

  • Examples, Exercises 

  • Q&A


4th Session - 24.04.2021 - 10.00 until 13.00

Maintaining and Sustaining 

  • Quick recap of session 3

  • Maintenance and sustaining inner calm for better focus and performance

  • Skills training and tools (focus, mindfulness, tapping)

  • Influences of the Environment, Social and familial

  • Examples, Exercises

  • Wrap up including Q&A 

EAFR workshop will be offered in online and in person (Covid precaution considered).


In person:

  • Up to 5 participants. 

  • 3 hour sessions (with appropriate breaks)

  • 4 sessions in total (1x week)



  1. Up to 6 participants

  2. 3 hour per session (with appropriate breaks)

  3. 4 sessions in total (1x week)



About the trainer:

A.G Ilbegi  is a cognitive behavioural therapist under supervision (TUS). He has acquired comprehensive knowledge in working with individuals and groups as trainer, coach and CBT therapist.  He was a cognitive trainer in the outpatient clinic of Sigmund Freud University. He is a research prizewinner on the subject of Congenital Heart Defect in infants and its psychological impact on families and introducing methods of remedy and coping mechanisms. He has a good knowledge in working with teenagers and has conducted interventions that have supported students in challenging times.



Fee: €445 per student

(Including 2x individual session (30 min) during challenging periods (exams) to be booked in advance.


Location: Wasagasse 13, 1090, Vienna (Ubahn station Schottentor).


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**Snacks, refreshments are included for in person​

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