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From fitting students into a structure to a structure that fits the student

The most exclusive IB highschool education setting in Vienna


Argo International Program includes both the IB Diploma Programme and the TEMPERA Framework, for students aged 16-19.

Within the cozy study environment of small classes, located in the heart of Vienna, students benefit ofpersonalized planning, based on their individual needs, learning style and personality. Academic goals are therefore achieved without overwhelm and anxiety, allowing dreams for the future to become possible. 


International Baccalaureate

          Benefits of being part of Argo International Program:

  • Become part of a Inspired global school community, in which the highest-scoring school recorded an average of 39 points in 2021

  • Benefit from more than 40 years of academic excellence in delivering IB Diploma Programme

  • Become a performant independent learner 

  • Time management, goals and planning mastery;

  • Overcoming procrastination in completing any type of task;

  • Overcoming anxiety in stressful situations in general;

  • Focus techniques that will be an important asset in their proffessional life.

Now enrolling for September 2023 — enquire to register or learn more

What Our Students Say

Bianca, IB 44 Points

Before I met Ioana I was a student burdened by serial procrastination, I had no understanding of my personal learning style and no concrete place to study wherein I felt truly comfortable. Despite being a decent student, I feared I would be brought down by the looming deadlines and final IB exams.  Working together with Ioana has prevented me from procrastinating on my studies. With her help I was able to figure out the areas which I needed to focus on, and work on those. I am certain that without Ioana I would be a much worse student
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