One day to CRUSH your IB Psychology exam

Crush the IB Psychology Exam in a day: musts and mustn't for the best grade possible!

From groping through SAQs and ERQs to bulletproof answers in as little as one day.

IB Psychology Exam in a day: your must-have knowledge to crush it!

Get the best grade possible!

What if you were to go to your Psychology exam focused and self-confident? How would your grade improve?

IB Psychology Exam in a Day is for you if:

  • You have your IB Psychology Exam in May 2021;

  • You want to get a grade beyond expectations in PSYCHOLOGY exam;

  • You want to be focused and self-confident in your PSYCHOLOGY exam.

What you get from IB Psychology Exam in a Day:

  • How to answer the SAQ and ERQ so that you achieve the highest scores;

  • How to manage your time during exam so that you approach each section properly and not overlook or mess up any of them;

  • How to handle exam requests so that you give the expected answers and not have a brain meltdown;

  • How to gain focus and maintain focus throughout the entire exam.

  • Succinct and valuable handout


Reserve your spot for the day that best fits your schedule:


You can choose any day between 3rd and 19th of May.

Write us about the preferred day, so we can reserve your spot.

Please keep in mind that for each day we only allow maximum 3 participants, so the sooner you make the reservation, the most probable is that you get in on your best day.


  • Schedule: 10.00 until 17.00 with one hour lunch break (pizza on the house)

  • 7 hours intensive prep 

  • Price 300 Euro (including a very succinct and valuable handout)