October Intensive Revision Week

26th-30th of October 2021


Sometimes, learning and keeping all in balance can be stressful and challenging for students and also time consuming.

The aim of this revision course is to support students efficiently with tools they can apply when preparing for challenging assignments and exams, to study and review more effectively.

It is well known that there are a number of psychological techniques which can be applied successfully to increase performance as well as lower the anxiety level created by any upcoming exam.

-        Introduction: what is learning, brain mechanisms activated during the learning process, 

-        Structuring learning material 

-        Techniques for a better understanding and memorization of the learning material,

-        Techniques for time management

-      The students will learn the most effective revision techniques while working on the material to be learned.

    In order to have a measurable outcome, this workshop is highly practical with an active participation of the students.

Course duration: 5 days intensive revision 

Cost: NO cost, additional offer maximum 12 students, please register until 10 November 2017

What students will walk away with: 

  • We want to trigger the creativity and intrinsic motivation of students when getting ready for exams. 

  • At the beginning of the first day we will create collaboratively with the student a revision schedule for the whole week. 

  • Each day the student will focus on a different subject to review

We have selected a variety of simple but very efficient techniques which can be applied by each student immediately and need no additional reading or instructions.

1)     We will cover memory techniques, dealing with procrastination, best practice tools as shown in research, and how to be most effective when mastering tough subject areas.

2)     Each student will identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. These discoveries will help him/her learn more effectively. 

3)     Academically strong students will benefit from tips and tricks to help make the best use of time when working on homework or studying for exams.

4)     For students who struggle with time management and study skills, we offer a structured package of practical techniques which will walk them through step by step to get them back on track.

5)     In the last part of our training, students will work together in groups and learn how to use a ‘group study setting’ effectively for themselves and therewith profit from it academically.

Practical considerations:

Total revision hours per day: 6 (one-hour lunch break)

Group maximum of 5 students

Price: 180 Euro per day (6 hours) or 900 Euro for 5 days (30 hours of revision)

Book full 5 days Bootcamp special offer 10% discount

The price includes

- 6 hours per day, 30 teaching hours in total 

- acess to our IB resource database 

- pizza lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments


Special offers

  • The students enroled in our After-school program benefit from 20% discount to all our BootCamps

  • Participation in more than one course offered by us 10% discount

  • Early bird 10% discount if register 30 days before the date of the course 

  • Bring a friend discount: 10% both

Ask about details: ib@learningsmart.at

See you soon!

Learning Smart IB Preparation After-school Team