Pre IB Summer courses offered by our partner IBwise

The Pre IB – Summer Revision Course (available as on-campus or online course) is designed explicitly for students who will begin their 1st IB Diploma year after the summer. You may choose 1- 4 major IB subjects. Each subject will be combined with a minor IB-related subject 

All important IB subjects are offered, helping to introduce you to the IB syllabus and prepare you thoroughly for the IB Diploma.

Students are invited to combine the PRE IB Summer Revision Course with our fabulous Group 6 – IB Visual Arts, IB Theatre or IB Music and IB Film Summer Workshops.

We also offer a superb 3.5-day “SIMPLY” Dance Workshop for any and all our summer camp students. Dance is fun, great for fitness and to relax, exceptional to get to know yourself and learn to present yourself, boost your confidence and many other wonderful things! Join us for this unique experience. Open for all students 14-18 years of age.

More infos and sign-up options are to be found under our ‘Young Artists in Residence’ Summer Programme!

This compact course setting allows you to study up to 4 IB subjects in up to 17 days and concentrate on just one subject at a time. This model helps students to remain academically focused and motivated throughout their stay and accomplish a great amount of work.

In addition, students will make many new friends from around the world and enjoy fun and inspiring free-time activities and trips during our PRE IB – Summer Course Programme. The time here in the charming city of Vienna will be precious and unforgetable.

What to expect:

  • Study 1-4 major IB subjects during this course

  • Each subject plus a minor subject will be reviewed extensively for 3 compact days (17.5 hours)

  • Talented IB teachers (with 10-30 years of IB experience each) many of who are recognized IBO-examiners and from excellent IB schools will guide you

  • Small class size (usually 5-7 students)

  • Each 3-day study unit is followed by 1-2 rest days

  • A choice of additional optional short courses

  • Many different optional free time activities on your rest days

  • 24-hour care

  • Pick-up & drop-off included for boarding students

  • At the end of your stay you will receive a course certificate as well as a written subject report by each of your subject specialists

You will

  • Study one subject at a time

  • Deepen your understanding of the important concepts of the IB Diploma syllabus and receive an excellent overview of what will be expected of you next fall

  • Study and review subject matter thoroughly

  • Learn how to improve your course work and how to do well on IBDP internal assessments

  • Make many new friends from around the world, have a highly productive studying experience together, and discover jointly the trendy and charming city of Vienna!