Ioana Anghel- Pirich

Academic Performance Strategist

Director & Founder ​IB Learning Smart After-school



Ioana Anghel, who is one of our dedicated IB coaches, is a highly experienced academic performance strategist. Beside her specific interest and focus in coaching IB students in History, Psychology and TOK, she is a Learning Techniques and Lateral Thinking scholar and hence a great fit for all types of students but also those with procrastination and focusing challenges or students who sometimes simply feel ‘overwhelmed’ and too stressed.


Ioana carries a Bachelor in Psychotherapy and is currently completing her master’s degree in Psychotherapy at the Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. She specializes in the areas of Systemic Therapy and Child & Youth Psychotherapy. 


Ioana is passionate about working with teenagers and her main interest lies in unleashing students’ creativity, independent thinking, and self-confidence. She knows how important a good relationship is when working with students and she helps students trust and believe in themselves whilst learning how to work ‘in-depth’ and take full ownership of their work.


„I teach IB Psychology and History, assistance for Internal Assessment (IA) and Extended Essay IB (EE) I m doing case management on each of my students. That means that, besides the rigorous academic guidance, I help the students and their families with emotional complex situations that might appear in this stressful period. I apply psychological techniques designed to increase performance and decrease the anxiety level created by any upcoming exam. As a Sigmund Freud University Graduate, Psychotherapist under supervision, so I fully understand the neurological basis of cognition and learning process. Also, I can successfully teach my students to perform in stressful situations and raise their motivation during learning.


"Lateral thinking" specialization made in London, 2017, that qualifies me as a specialist in Critical and Lateral Thinking, which are very important skills to acquire during the IB preparation. Combined with my psychology background, this qualification gave me the ability to enable students to set their own goals, especially in learning, and also to gain the ability to pursue those goals. My teaching is logical and practical and is based on accompanying you to successfully navigate through difficult and frustrating topics. While working on your material, we will also learn time management and techniques to overcome procrastination. 

In the past four years, I successfully guided students starting with the 11th grade until their final exams. Besides my main topics Psychology and History, I guided my students through the IB syllabus and latest official requirements, including the structuring and execution of the Internal Assessments (AI), Extended Essay (EE). I keep myself up to date with the IB news, so that both parents and students are released from the burden of navigating alone through this complex system. I tell you everything you need to know, in due time. My own academic route and my experience with working with IB students taught me that it’s essential to keep a healthy balance between all aspects of life. That is easier said than done, usually, both families and the student are challenged and often overwhelmed. My overall expertise and experience allow me to have an important contribution to overcoming these moments. Additionally, I teach as Assistant in Sigmund Freud University the following courses: Academic Writing, Psychosocial Care, Research Techniques.“

Looking forward to meeting you,

Ioana Anghel-Pirich