Academic Writing in MYP workshop 


Academic writing in MYP  is for you if:

  • You are 9th or 10th Grade in MYP

  • You want to be able to express your ideas in a coherent and academic way

  • You want to be able to manage your time better when writing assignments

  • You want to be a step ahead when you start the IBDP program


What are the main gains for you in Academic writing workshop:

  • Understanding MYP requirements for the writing tasks 

  • English analysis; poetry, literary, short stories, techniques to convey messages and pastiche writing, symbolism and more

  • Writing for Cognitive and Social Success (integral part of language B MYP curriculum)

  • Communication in science assessments. Impacts of science. 

  • Academic writing skills

  • Research activity: doing research, source evaluation, search strategies (list of important free databases)

  • Academic honesty and citations

  • Writing techniques

  • FREE solid resources

What you get from the Academic writing workshop:

  • At the end of the workshop, you will be able to write easily many assignments

What skills you boost from Academic writing Workshop:

  • Creative writing flow

  • Poetry analysis 

  • Literary devices 

  • Essay writing techniques

  • Understanding command terms

  • Reliability of resources and critical thinking

Dates: to be announced

Place: All courses will be held in our office in the 9nd District of Vienna, Austria. 

Hours: all three days from 10.00 until 17.00.

Total teaching hours: 18 (one-hour lunch break) 

Snacks, drinks and pizza offered by us

Group maximum of 5 students

Price:  600 Euro for 3 days, a total of 18 hours workshop.


Special offers

  • The students enrolled in our Learning Lab benefit from 20% discount to all our BootCamps

  • Participation in more than one course offered by us 10% discount

  • Early bird 10% discount if register 30 days before the date of the course 

  • Bring a friend discount: 10% both

Ask about details:

See you soon!

TEMPERA Learning Lab Team

Past student feedback:

`The workshop has been pretty great over the last three days. The activities I've been doing are generally fun yet challenging. I feel as though it has helped me a lot, the teachers were generally supportive and answered all the questions I had. I feel as though I have improved especially with my analytical skills, as I've been doing alot of exercises for that. I feel as though I've learned new things that I could use at school. I feel as though I've done pretty well in this workshop, I have tried my best however there were some times where I wasn't fully concentrated.’