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Last Minute TOK Essay Bootcamp

12th - 13th December 2020, 

 2nd- 3rd January 2021

 9th - 10th January 2021

Together we get things DONE!

January, the final deadline for the TOK essay is approaching. To reduce your stress during

the holidays, we invite you to attend any of our TOK Essay Bootcamp, to get you started or help you continue or finish your TOK essay.

EE and IA`s BootCamp

2nd - 3rd January 2021


The extended Essay and the Internal Assessments are a weight on the student's shoulders throughout the 2 years of IB. Our writing specialist will support you at any stage of your essay. 

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Psychology Bootcamp

2nd - 5th January 2021

All three core approaches will be discussed in a logical manner with real-life examples. 

Paper 1 studies, theories, full preparation and exam techniques.



Final IB revision camp

April 20, 2021


It is an excellent in-depth and highly effective IB exam preparation course for students in their last IB Diploma year. It focuses on the IB exams that will follow in May. It is an outstanding opportunity for IB students in their last year to prepare intensively and allows them to achieve their specific individual goals in their IB Diploma.

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Summer School 2021

June 2021 - August 2021


During summer we offer several courses. 

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2nd - 4th January 2021
EE and IA`s BootCamp

Our experts will support you during the entire time and ensure that you don`t get stuck in your writing process.

12th- 13th December 2020

 2nd- 3rd January 2021

 9th - 10th January 2021

Last Minute TOK Essay Bootcamp

Together we get things DONE!

2nd  - 5th January 2021
Psychology Bootcamp

2nd - 6th January 2021
IBDP Year 1 

MOCK Intensive preparation
Learning Smart IB After-school

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Subject-specific Tutoring 

Our teachers are highly experienced IB experts

They are available online or in person in Vienna, Austria.

IB Psychology - in person/online

IB English A/B - in person/online

IB History - in person/online

IB Math - in person/online

IB Chemistry - in person/online

IB Biology - in person/online

IB German A/B - in person/online

IB Georgraphy - in person/online

IB Business - in person/online