Our common goal: Students' wellbeing & academic success

Our Story


How & Why TEMPERA IB Learning Lab was born? 

Let us tell you the short version of the story:

A few years ago, the founder, Ioana Anghel-Pirich, trained in Systemic Family Therapy, was asked to work with some IB students on issues such as anxiety, depression, stress ecc. She became intrigued and curious about the IB program and wanted to understand it better. She found herself in alignment with IB ATL Principles and decided to move further. Thus, she became an IB Psychology Teacher. With the main degree in Learning Techniques, everything led to the next obvious step: applying her knowledge on both psychotherapy and self-regulated learning to teaching students how to become academically successful, in both University and IB context. 

A while back, Iuliana Grigorita joined the adventure, bringing in her knowledge as Educational Psychologist and her extended experience as trainer and tutor. She is also a TEDx speaker on Learning Strategies.


The result was the set up of TEMPERA IB Learning Lab, where we rely on our deep knowledge about IB program and psychotherapy/psychology to combine the academic support with the emotional support. 

Academic support is based on Self-regulated Learning and Metacognition strategies and addresses issues such as: procrastination, time management, techniques of memorization. We also keep focus on understanding of IB standards and requirements, keeping track and complying with deadlines, doing proper research and much more.

Besides ourTEMPERA IB Learning Lab, Ioana is also the Director of the Learning Centre in Sigmund Freud University Vienna and Assistant Lecturer, a position that empowers her to continue her research on learning techniques and stay updated with all updates in the field of cognitive psychology. 


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TEMPERA IB Learning Lab as valuable Resource for your IB School


First off, we created a model of tailored intervention for every student. Challenges they face can be extremely different, from Specific Learning Disabilities until Developmental Asynchrony in Gifted Children. For the last five years we successfully worked with students throughout the entire spectrum. 

We are ready to assist your most challenged students with our unique approach, and indirectly contribute to your school’s prestige.  


Second, we empower students to take charge of their academic responsibilities, both short term and long term, so that deadlines are met and their overall grades increase. A very important contribution to crafting academic success is the emotional support we offer.


With a lot of patience, we train them into Metacognition & Self-regulated Learning practices, while working on their daily assignments.

Using our framework T.E.M.P.E.R.A. in every session, students become able to:

·       Set goals and create a concrete planning for the entire academic year;

·       Follow up on the plan and keep track of their assignments;

·       Overcome procrastination;

·       Progress fast in efficient learning;

·       Gain skills in academic writing.

As a result, they will keep up with deadlines, boost their self-confidence and ownership. 


Our overall goal is to become a reliable partner for your IB school, 

to work side by side towards the IB ATLs. 

When we work together, even the challenged students 

can reach their higher potential and

become independent, mentally balanced and responsible adults.



Please feel free to contact us for further details and potential collaboration

Maximize the Academic performance
Emotional Balance
Stress reduction