T.E.M.P.E.R.A  for  the International Baccalaureate  system
A complete system of how to learn without hassle, based on the newest research in
neuroscience & psychology

T – Time management.          E – Encoding knowledge.        M – Motivation.        P – Practicing knowledge.       E – Exam preparation.        

R – Resources & Research.       A– Anxiety.     


These sessions are for you if:

·       you are an IB student and wants to be on top of your work

·       you are confused with the IB requirements and deadlines

·       you are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed

·       you want to know more about how efficient learning is done.

T – Time management for study activities.

How to efficiently organize your study time with clear frameworks and instruments.

E – Encoding knowledge

How to start each session of study, so that you avoid opposition and boredom. Key questions to ask yourself, the easy way to approach large amounts of information // complex contents // and more.

M – Motivation

During the two years of study in IB, the student will probably lose the motivation. We are here to reactivate the intrinsic motivation of the student.

P – Practicing knowledge

How to practice after memorizing. Tools & methods for the best repetition pattern to ensure the assimilation of knowledge in the brain.

E – Exam preparation

How to get prepared for different IB specific assessment & exams. What you should consider, where to push & what to check.

R – Resources & Research.

We offer a vast collection of IB resources, which will enable you to work with research papers properly. Practical guidelines on your fingertips to help you review and understand research papers.

A – Anxiety. Fighting anxiety has two main components:

           1. Knowledge of the system gives you peace of mind. Knowing the prerequisites of the IB system, helps you  to work more harmonic toward your goal. The success in the IB.  And by attending our program you will be very well prepared in what to expect from the academic point of view.

           2. Constant emotional support and conflict resolution. Many times the parents and the teenagers are overwhelmed by anxiety. The many deadlines and IB obligations can lead to misunderstandings and tensions in the family.  Our team is composed of professionals in IB with additional education in the field of psychotherapy, we help the families to diffuse conflicts, to communicate better and we offer emotional support and intervention strategies for conflict resolution and comunication.