Subject-specific Tutoring 

We offer tutoring with certified IB teachers on all IB subjects. In order to cover as many subjects as possible at the highest standard (teachers with 30+ years of experience), some subjects are offered through our partner IBWISE. At the 

​IB Psychology - in-person/online.         IB English A/B - in person/online.                     IB History - in person/online

IB Math - in person/online.                    IB Chemistry - in person/online                        IB Biology - in person/online

IB German A/B - in person/online.       IB Georgraphy - in person/online                     IB Business - in person/online

Correlated services with Learning Smart IB Preparation After-school

Keep all your information in one place.

Get professional guidance on the subjects you have a hard time to master



Why do we offer this service? 

We know how IB system works and sometimes the tutoring on different subjects can be tricky. What we propose is to get in touch and:

  • Save your time by matching student’s needs with the right tutor for any subject;

  • Evaluate the need for specific subject tutoring;

  • Make sure the tutoring activity will focus on the chapters where the student really needs help;

  • Keep track of the progress in tutoring;

  • Oversee the entire schedule of the student and make sure not to overwhelm him or her.


What you get when working with us:

  • A complete coordination of all activities: school, tutoring, homework, that makes is easy for the student to have a clear idea of the workload;

  • Our private instrument, “Metaplan Chart & Tracking System”, which allows the student to track the time thieves and the overload that exist right now. 

  • A Monthly & Weekly schedule that allows any student to know exactly what to do & when, so that all assignments are submitted in time and no deadlines are skipped.


Book free call with us to explain how everything works!

Write us “I am interested in tutoring” at and we will get back to you with 3 options for our call. Choose the right one for you and we get in touch 😊.