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From fitting students into a structure to a structure that fits the student

The most exclusive IB highschool education setting in Vienna


Our Services

Among with the IBDP Curriculum and A- Levels, our students benefit from a wide range of services

University application

Our education consulting team works with students for university admissions at all levels.  intensive interview training prepares students for their upcoming and highly competitive interviews at the Golden Triangle universities.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an important factor for college admissions. Many colleges and universities weigh participation in extracurriculars because activities outside the classroom bolster the development of the “whole student.” 

University advice

We will brainstorm with the student on what are the university options and we will analyse together the strengths and even organise University visits. 


From volunteering in homeless shelter in Vienna, to sports and trips in Spain and Romania (Dracula County), our program offers a high variety of CAS opportunities. 


Subject specific workshops are offered in every school break, the student has the possibility to reinforce the knowledge during 3 days of intensive workshops. 

Specific Learning Support

The students enrolled in our program, benefit from sessions led by one of our experienced IB teachers who supports and guides them in all of their assignments, unblock them if they get stuck in the writing process and help them figure out difficult concepts and simplify tasks.

What Our Clients Say

Bianca, IB 44 Points

Before I met Ioana I was a student burdened by serial procrastination, I had no understanding of my personal learning style and no concrete place to study wherein I felt truly comfortable. Despite being a decent student, I feared I would be brought down by the looming deadlines and final IB exams.  Working together with Ioana has prevented me from procrastinating on my studies. With her help I was able to figure out the areas which I needed to focus on, and work on those. I am certain that without Ioana I would be a much worse student
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